The e-shop of your fantasies

Since 2016, THE X SHOP, takes on a new dimension and launches its e-shop with the ambition to be the No. 1 in Belgium in the next 3 years.

Our product range includes over 10,000 items to best meet your fantasies ....vibromasseurs and dildos, DVD, books, underwear, sexy outfit and bodices not to mention cosmetics and massage oils. You easily find something to spice up your sexuality.

THE X SHOP is a great online store with impeccable aesthetic study to facilitate your discovery.


Little history

The evolution of our society and the emphasis on the individual and his sexuality was done throughout history through back and forth between periods austere repressive revolutionary or libertarian.

May 68, her feminist aimed at sexual liberation, a reconsideration of the relationship between man / woman and the value of the individual sexed beyond its function as the parent. More than ever sexuality boasts fun and tongues wag. "Enjoy unhindered"

The desire of the group seems to fade to give more space to the desire of the individual.

In this great momentum of claim, sexual intimacy little by little out of the bedroom to invite the cafe terrace, at our tables, on our screens, in our magazines quickly giving rise to a practical exhibition real or imagined sexual ...!

Whether you are a couple or single, for one night, a crazy weekend, you will find on our site vibrators and various colorful and original accessories and lingerie for all your desires.

I do not know your question but if you are on our site, sex is probably your answer.